Dr. Scott Aniol

Dr. Scott Aniol

Scott Aniol, PhD, is an author, speaker, and teacher of culture, worship, aesthetics, and church ministry philosophy. He is Chair of the Worship Ministry department at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He founded Religious Affections Ministries, lectures around the country in churches, conferences, colleges, and seminaries, and he has authored several books and dozens of articles. Scott is the Editor of Artistic Theologian, a scholarly journal of worship and church ministry, and serves as chair of the Biblical Worship Section of the Evangelical Theological Society.

Scott holds a masters degree in Theological Studies (SWBTS), a masters degree in Aesthetics (NIU), and a PhD in Worship Ministry (SWBTS).

Scott pursued a bachelor’s degree in church music at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC. There he met his wife, Becky, and they were married in June of 2004.

In August of 2008, Scott launched Religious Affections Ministries, a ministry of writing, speaking, and publishing in the areas of conservative Christianity. While finishing his PhD, Scott joined the faculty of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he chairs the Worship Ministry Department, oversees the PhD program in Worship and Music Ministry, and teaches courses in culture, aesthetics, worship, philosophy of worship and church ministry, and hymnology.

Scott has written several books and administered the publication of a dozen more through Religious Affections Ministries. He has spoken across the US and in several foreign countries at conferences, seminaries, and churches, and is published in several theological journals.

Scott, his wife Becky, and their three children (Caleb, Kate, and Christopher) reside in Fort Worth, TX.

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